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Havas Media Group acquires Expert Edge to accelerate ecommerce expansion

Havas Media GroupWith the acquisition of Expert Edge, a consultancy devoted to providing customers with end-to-end support across their e-commerce ecosystem, Havas Media Group has ignited a rocket under its e-commerce business.

The contract will support the growth of its UK-based full-service e-commerce agency Havas Business. This will place the French advertising and public relations giant at the forefront of the expanding e-commerce market. 


Expanded Markets for Havas Media Group

The acquisition broadens Havas Market’s scope beyond media and adds additional capabilities in data insights and reporting, Amazon Advertising PPC, product listing and SEO enhancement, content optimization, and digital signage platforms. These services cover the entire client journey, from awareness and attention to the point of sale when used together.


According to the Chairman and CEO of Havas Group, Yannick Bolloré, this purchase turbocharges Havas’ Market offering. Havas’s market offering has been designed from the ground up to support its clients in managing and optimizing their business success in e-commerce. 


 The goal is to transform Havas Group into a true end-to-end e-commerce partner for businesses. To offer these businesses customer-centric strategies throughout the customer journey through the use of Havas Market.


Expert Edge co-founder is the new Havas CEO

David Jennison, a co-founder of Expert Edge, will take over as the company’s CEO in addition to his duties as managing director of Havas Market. Expert Edge was established in 2016 and has worked with over 100 brands, including Unilever.


A powerful mix of technology, analytics, and commerce

Jennison explains that the company has established a potent blend of technology, data analytics, and commercial frameworks.  This will help create the best growth plan for businesses on Amazon. Amazon is where Havas started. However, the company can market its capabilities, services, and knowledge across categories and through any retail channel.


Havas Market has experienced rapid growth since its founding in October 2020, reaching 20 markets with clients like Dreams, Pernod Ricard, and JDE.


The most recent examples of Havas’s desire for expansion are the eight-figure purchases of the digital experience agency Inviqa, the Leeds-based digital agency Search Laboratory, and the creative optimization service provider Additive+.



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