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Online Chat Tool: How General Motor’s Customers are now Reaching EV Experts

general motors new Online chat toolPeople are increasingly opting for electric vehicles (EVs) following the need to reduce CO2 and the increasing gas prices.  Many motor manufacturers are introducing more EVs to cater to the growing demand. As customers shift to EVs, they need to get vital and accurate details about them from experts and an online chat tool can make that convenient for everyone.

General Motors is one of the leading manufacturers of EV vehicles at present and boasts a large number of EV models. It has therefore developed a chat tool dubbed “EV Live” to ensure that its consumers appreciate electric cars. Penetrating the market amidst stiff competition from other EV manufacturers is vital for GM and this tool gives the motor manufacturer a head start.

The chat tool does not target specific EV models but educates the customers about EVs in general while drawing prospects to them. Though EV Live will increase GM’s sales, in the long run, it is not aimed at marketing but taking care of the current limited knowledge about EVs.

So, What Exactly is GM’s online Chat Tool?

GM’s online chat tool is a platform developed by GM for its EV customers. EV live offers a platform where EV consumers can interact with experts with ease. During its launch, Hoss Hassani, the Vice President of the GM EV ecosystem, said they saw the need for an accessible, credible source of information that would empower customers to appreciate EVs and their benefits.  

The chat tool will offer an immersive virtual experience that will include:

  • Online virtual showrooms
  • One way video experience
  • Real-time answers about EVs
  • Available EVs
  • Charging infrastructure on the Ultium Charge 360

However, customers will need to schedule the online virtual showrooms.

The User Interface and Accessibility of the Online Chat Tool

The GM online chat tool has incorporated a user interface, UI, that makes it easy for customers to learn while offering them comfort. EV Live is virtual and customers can access it through their devices. The company is ensured that customers will have the privacy they need when interacting with the EV experts. The tool only supports audio from the customer, so, there’s no pressure to look decent when interacting with it! However, the customers can see and hear the specialist and don’t need to worry about asking any questions. If a customer is not uncomfortable speaking, they have the option of texting.

The platform is also meant to benefit GM dealers, employees,  and third parties; It allows one to schedule tours.  But this feature is yet to be implemented. The company will also have prerecorded sessions for those not interested in the live sessions.


The Cost and Availability of the Online Chat Tool

One thing that GM has insisted on is that access to EV Live be free for use by all its consumers. No subscription fees are required. The requirements for joining the online chat are also easy and basic. The details needed include:

  • The topic of your choice
  • Your first and last name
  • The date for reservations
  • Email address
  • ZIP code

General Motors’ EV experts are available to help their customers on the platform every day of the week. Customers can interact with the experts on:

  • Mon to Thurs from 9 a.m. to midnight
  • Fri from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Sat and Sun from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


What GM Aims to Achieve with its Online Chat Tool 

By 2035, GM plans to stop the production of internal combustion engines for most of its models. The company has embarked on a project to install 60,000 charging ports in the US and Canada. Ultium Charge 360 will incorporate charging networks, mobile vehicle apps, and other services to make it easy for all GM’s  EV users. 

Customers are reluctant to go for EVs when they are unsure about accessing a charging station. Through the chat tool, GM will educate their customers about their Ultium Charge 360 and where they can access them. Drivers can use the information to plan their trips, energy consumption, and the best routes to find the charging ports.



GM has been a leading automobile manufacturer for over a century, and staying relevant in the market requires embracing new trends. With EVs, it will draw more customers. Interacting with customers all over the world needs a unique platform. 

GM EV Live, an online chat tool, takes care of all customer needs about electric vehicles. The tool will offer many benefits to not only the company but also the customers. Customers will learn more about EVs and appreciate them.


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