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What Time Is the Presidential Debate Tomorrow? The Most Searched About Biden vs. Trump

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Tomorrow’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is not only a critical event for U.S. voters but also for a global audience

This Thursday the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, candidates for the Presidency of the United States, takes place. Both politicians will face each other in a meeting that is organized and broadcast by the CNN news network.

The first debate of Trump vs. Biden has caused expectations on social networks and Google users. Below we share a review of the most searched terms and topics on Google about the debate that Trump will hold from the Republican Party and Biden from the Democratic Party.

What Time Is the First Presidential Debate?

Viewers can tune in at 9:00 PM Eastern Time to catch the live event, which will be held at CNN’s studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The debate is set to last for 90 minutes, featuring two commercial breaks, and promises to be a pivotal moment in this election cycle.

Key Topics and Public Interest

In the week leading up to the debate, online search trends reveal that “Crime” is the most searched election issue in the U.S., followed by “Social Security” and “Healthcare.”

There has been a notable increase in searches related to “Presidential debate topics,” which doubled this week, indicating a keen interest in the subjects that will be discussed during the debate.

Atlanta, GA, stands out as the top metro area showing interest in the debate, with other regions like Charlottesville, VA, and Billings, MT, also ranking high. Interestingly, one of the quirky trends noted is a 130% spike in searches for “Drinking game” associated with the Presidential Debate, highlighting a lighter, social aspect of how viewers plan to engage with the debate.

Moderators in the Spotlight

The moderators for tomorrow’s debate, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, are also drawing significant public curiosity.

Questions about Dana Bash’s background, political affiliation, and personal details such as age and height are prevalent. Similarly, queries about Jake Tapper focus on his marital status, political stance, and personal characteristics, reflecting the public’s interest not only in their moderating style but also in their personal lives.

Global Interest in the Debate

The debate is not just capturing the attention of U.S. viewers but also those in international regions. This past week, places like Guam, Bahamas, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia have shown considerable interest in the debate, underscoring its global significance and the worldwide impact of U.S. presidential elections.

Tomorrow’s debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is not only a critical event for U.S. voters but also for a global audience, reflecting widespread concerns about key issues and the personalities of the candidates. As the nation and the world tune in, the discussions that unfold in Atlanta will likely shape public opinion and potentially influence the outcome of the upcoming election.

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