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When does Inside Out 2 come to Disney plus? What we know

Inside Out 2 became the most successful film of 2024; After its release in theaters, there is expectation about its arrival on Disney Plus

Inside Out 2 has quickly become the highest-grossing film of 2024. The sequel to the beloved Pixar film has captivated audiences worldwide, breaking numerous box office records since its release.

Despite its massive success, many fans have been unable to see this movie due to the overwhelming demand for tickets. The limited availability in theaters has left numerous viewers eagerly awaiting the chance to watch the film.

Anticipation Builds for Disney Plus Release

Given the challenges in securing theater tickets, many are anxiously awaiting the release of Inside Out 2 on Disney Plus. The streaming release is highly anticipated, as it will allow a wider audience to enjoy the film from the comfort of their homes.

While there is no official streaming release date for Inside Out 2 yet, it is expected to be available on Disney Plus approximately three months after its theatrical release. This timeline follows the pattern of other recent Disney releases. Based on this schedule, Inside Out 2 could be available on Disney Plus starting in September.

Stay tuned for further updates as we eagerly await the official announcement from Disney.

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How long is the movie?

The movie runs for 96 minutes.

What is “Inside Out 2” about?

In this new installment, we reconnect with Riley Andersen, who is now entering adolescence. The plot focuses on her life as she begins high school, facing new challenges and significant changes. As new emotions emerge in her Headquarters, Riley embarks on an adventure that leads her to confront maturity.

At 13 years old, Riley faces puberty and the complexities of growing up. The original emotions—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—are complemented and sometimes challenged by newcomers like Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Shame. These new emotions attempt to assume a more prominent role within Riley’s mind, sparking conflicts and essential discoveries for her development.

Who are the new emotions in “Inside Out 2”?

The new emotions introduced are:

  • Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke, reflects Riley’s growing tensions and worries.
  • Envy, played by Ayo Edebiri, captures the typical jealousy and comparisons of this stage of life.
  • Ennui, represented by Adèle Exarchopoulos, symbolizes moments of disinterest and apathy.
  • Embarrassment, voiced by Paul Walter Hauser, highlights the moments of self-consciousness and doubt common in adolescence.

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