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Sparkling Naturals: New line of Sodas

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United States, Chicago.- Soda Stream International launched a new set of “exotic” flavors that include Green Tea, Lemon Lime, Orange Pineapple, Apple Mango, and Pink Grapefruit. The company based out of Tel Aviv, Israel was founded in 1903 and has over 40,000 retail stores in 41 countries. The company prides itself as being the world’s largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems.

The consumption of soft drinks in the United States is high. According to the National Soft Drink Association –NSDA– female servings have doubled since 1970, the male market has also increased substantially to almost triple amount of servings . Male consumers between the ages of twelve and 29 drink on average half gallon a day or 160 gallons a year. In this market reality Soda Stream chose the International Home and Houseware Show held at Chicago to launch the new line of sodas. The new flavors were designed specifically for the US market, since they include some of the most consumed in this market.  Beverages will be sold at retail stores and online starting May 2011.

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