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Giant Spoon chooses the Super Bowl to evaluate ChatGPT’s marketing prowess

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Rather than the usual social media strategists and creatives at Giant Spoon, this year's Super Bowl tweets will be created by ChatGPT 
Giant Spoon evaluates ChatGPT's prowess
Giant Spoon evaluates ChatGPT’s prowess

This year, ChatGPT will be the driving force behind Super Bowl tweets by marketing firm Giant Spoon rather than actual social media strategists and creators.

Giant Spoon partner and creative chair Noel Cottrell said, “We’re giving our creative department off and ChatGPT will be generating all of our Super Bowl reaction content. We are essentially giving ChatGPT the keys to the kingdom.”

The OpenAI-developed ChatGPT artificial intelligence bot has generated attention among companies like Avocados From Mexico, and advertising in the sector. On Super Bowl Sunday, Giant Spoon, which has worked with clients including Netflix, Petco, and General Electric, will use the AI tool to create live tweets throughout the big game.

A Giant Spoon’s team member will only key in the necessary keywords

While there will be someone from the Giant Spoon team who will plug in necessary keywords to generate the copy, the operation won’t be anything reminiscent of a Super Bowl war room, all-hands-on-deck effort, per Cottrell. “It’ll be Giant Spoon tweeting about the ads, and also about the content and about everything that’s happening in the Super Bowl. But there will be no human [team] behind it,” he added. 

Raising awareness of the Giant Spoon agency’s innovation and the possibilities of AI

The goal of Giant Spoon’s ChatGPT Super Bowl initiative is to promote the agency’s inventiveness. But it will also serve as a test of ChatGPT’s and artificial intelligence’s capabilities, as well as what they signify for the field of marketing.

Giant Spoon’s prior experiments with ChatGPT were restricted to internal graphics, pitch decks, and a small amount of content development. If everything goes as planned during the Super Bowl, it might represent a preview of AI’s potential for usage in client-facing work in the future.

The marketing sector is currently abuzz with ChatGPT and AI talk.

Recently, ChatGPT and AI have been hot topics in the marketing sector. Some companies are employing it to gather information for client briefs, copywriting, and other stages of the creative process, much like Giant Spoon. Other people are streamlining workflow procedures by utilizing technology. In a recent announcement, BuzzFeed said it would use ChatGPT for quizzes and other sorts of content this year as it looks to AI to play a bigger role in the business.

As AI becomes more popular, some marketers are embracing subscription services in addition to the fundamentals of products like ChatGPT. Google, meantime, is testing Bard A.I., an AI chatbot that resembles ChatGPT.

Reluctance to fully adopt ChatGPT and AI

Despite all the noise that OpenAI has generated, there is, at least for the time being, reluctance in the market to completely embrace AI.  Avocados From Mexico, for example, abandoned its initial plan to produce user-generated content for its Super Bowl advertisement and withdrew its plans to employ ChatGPT.

According to Adan Romero, the chief creative officer of Publicis digital agency FKA, ChatGPT on the surface may look like the future of creative writing, but if you take a deeper look, it’s approximative at best.  It’s a tool that might help to discharge a concept. But it’s not yet ready to serve as a copywriter.

Romero and others in the industry are still not sure that ChatGPT can be utilized for consumer-facing projects. Especially not during the greatest advertising event of the year: the Super Bowl. This is despite the fact that it is the newest marketing trend. That is not to suggest that AI is hopeless. It does have marketing uses, such as enhancing original concepts and providing visual ones.

According to Romero, it will take time for it to truly speak to society. The focus is on determining how to use it and how to make the most of it as a tool.

ChatGPT Super Bowl initiative is a publicity stunt to draw attention to the business

It is unclear whether the AI function will be used in consumer-facing work at Giant Spoon after the Super Bowl. ChatGPT is still in the experimental stage at the company.

“Whatever it produces, we’re going to send out. This could be interesting,” he remarked. “This is a publicity gimmick designed to draw attention to our business.”


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