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Create Real Magic: Coke’s creative contest using GPT-4 and Dall-E 2

Juicy calls campaign by Simply Spiked
Create Real Magic campaign
Create Real Magic campaign

With its newest campaign dubbed “Create Real Magic,” Coke is stepping up its AI-powered marketing initiatives to increase connection with artists around the world. It also aims at establishing itself as one with its finger on the cultural and technology pulse.

The AI systems used in the “Create Real Magic” campaign are GPT-4, a huge language model released last week, and Dall-E 2, which creates images from text-based instructions. Both of these systems were created by the AI research firm OpenAI. The campaign is the first marketing initiative to result from a new partnership between Coke, OpenAI, and consulting company Bain & Company, which was launched in February.

Locations eligible for the Create Real Magic challenge, a dedicated microsite where this new campaign is being hosted, went live today and will be available until March 31. Until then, creators in any of the 17 selected countries can submit their artwork to potentially be shown on Coca-Cola’s renowned billboards in New York’s Time Square and London’s Piccadilly Circus. The US, Australia, and a few other carefully chosen locations in Europe and throughout the world are mentioned in a blog post. However, the news did not specifically name those 17 locations.

According to Pratik Thakar, Coca-Cola’s global head of creative strategy and integrated content, the campaign will help the company discover its potential for co-creation. With this cutting-edge initiative, Coca-Cola is moving at the pulse of culture which is key to the artistic community. “The Create Real Magic campaign revolutionizes both our brand icon and most prominent advertising assets while providing digital artists with a rare chance to experiment in a specially made environment that is driven by GPT-4 and DALL-E,” he added.

The company also claims that it will choose 30 artists from those who will submit their work to attend the ‘Real Magic Creative Academy’. This will be a three-day event that will be held this summer at Coke’s Atlanta headquarters.

The Spencerian Script typeface, which is used for the company’s logo, and images of polar bears and Santa Claus are among the “iconic visual assets” that visitors can interact with, according to a news release from Coke.

Create a Real Magic challenge tutorial 

Viewers witness an invisible user enter a prompt in a quick tutorial film that was uploaded to YouTube. Dall-E 2 then starts spewing out a variety of pictures, many of which resemble production stills from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The user then creates “A poem about sipping a Coca-Cola in space” using the GPT-4 capabilities of the website. The chosen poetry is then layered over one of the photographs, and the user then uploads the result.


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