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Coca-Cola to begin experimenting with AI tools in its marketing and digital communications

To boost its marketing and streamline operations, Coca-cola has partnered with Bain & Co. to make use of solutions like ChatGPT and DALL.E.


Coca-Cola experiments wth AI
Image: Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola and management consulting company Bain & Co. have agreed to test the usage of OpenAI products like ChatGPT, DALLE, and Codex. Coca-cola will be benefiting from the new collaboration between OpenAI and the management consulting firm. Bain & Co., has its headquarters in the US. The firm has integrated OpenAI into its operations and is now assisting its clients in doing the same.

To boost its marketing and streamline operations, Coke will make use of solutions like ChatGPT and DALL.E. Other potential use cases for brand marketers include more individualized advertising text and targeted messaging.

Coke is one of the most well-known packaged product marketers in the world, so its early embrace of OpenAI solutions could speed up the trend while generating real-world applications of the developing technology in the context of marketing.


Coca-cola wants to leverage AI technology to unleash the next generation of innovation

James Quincey, chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, the company is eager to unleash the next generation of innovation enabled by this quickly growing technology.

A Bain executive referred to AI as being at an “inflection point”.  Bain has been incorporating OpenAI’s products into its internal systems for the past year.

According to Manny Maceda, global managing partner at Bain, AI technology is an industrial revolution and businesses must rethink their business infrastructures and adapt.

Even though ChatGPT only started operations last November, it has already brought AI conversations back into the spotlight. Investors and the media are both asking pertinent questions about how much of a game-changer the category might actually be. Microsoft, which has previously teamed with OpenAI, disclosed a $10 billion increase in its investment in the company last month. Amid a recently initiated search war with Google, the tech giant has integrated OpenAI’s language-learning solutions into Bing and its Edge browser.

According to Maceda the partnership with OpenAI will give Bain a direct link to AI models to customize digital services for customers. For Coca-Cola, this is likely to take the form of personalized advertising that relies on copy and pictures produced with the aid of automation. It will also result in the creation of some new operational efficiencies. AI might also provide real-time scripting in customer care for industries including retail banking, telecoms, and utility businesses, as well as financial advisers’ productivity and client interactions.

With the dizzying euphoria around AI, doubt has now resurfaced. Even while solutions like ChatGPT still make a lot of mistakes, they can confidently present false information or act strangely. Since lengthy talks produced unflattering outcomes, Microsoft recently restricted the number of chat engagements customers could have with its Bing AI. Moreover, DALL.E, which is frequently trained on human-produced imagery and raises issues of ethics and ownership, has been criticized by artists.


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