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Zoetrope: Freenow uses CGI to modernize Victorian animation approach

Freenow is utilizing CGI to create a stop-motion style using one of animation's oldest techniques, the zoetrope in its latest ad campaign.

After landing Freenow account last year, this is the first piece  BMB has done for the company. For this brand campaign, the European mobility app Freenow utilizes CGI technology to create a stop-motion style using one of animation’s oldest techniques, the zoetrope

Explaining CGI and Zoetrope

CGI, Computer Generated Imagery is a technique used in filmmaking, video games, and other visual media. It involves creating images and animations using specialized software and hardware, and can create highly realistic and complex visual effects difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional methods.  Avatar, Star Wars: A New Hope, and Avengers: Final Game are some of the films where the CIG technology is evident.

One of the most well-liked pre-film animation techniques is zoetrope animation. It display a series of illustrations or images exhibiting the motion’s evolving phases to give the impression of motion. Created in the 1830s, it quickly gained popularity as a Victorian toy. The technique is still in use today and companies like Pixar have modified and tweaked it to create 3D versions.

The Feel Freenow campaign video

Viewers of  the “Feel Freenow”  get into the everyday life of a woman. She seems somewhat absorbed in a cycle of watching TV and checking her phone and suddently notices a vibrant and busy world outside. As the camera pans around her sitting on the sofa, she leaves her house to investigate the outdoors.

The main character circles the zoetrope, and comes across a variety of colorful figures produced using 3D body scans of real performers. 

The agency claims that this is the first advertisement to employ this particular strategy.

Freenow is here to make sure people achieve their goals in life without worrying about how they will get there according to Grae Barnes, a communications vice president at Freenow.

This campaign marks a significant moment for Freenow as the company looks to deploy its new creative platform across its markets.


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