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Want to Grow Your Brand Exposure? Do it the Smart Water Way

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Since the 19th century, the Coco-Cola company has produced and sold carbonated soft drinks. The drinks are sweet, appeasing many people’s taste buds, especially children and adults with a sweet tooth.

Soft drinks have lately been known to contribute to the increased cases of obesity and poor dental health. They have also been addictive, causing withdrawal symptoms whenever one tries to break the habit.

Today, the world has become health-conscious, shying away from soft drinks, and are on the lookout for more healthy options, the most common one being water. 

We all know the health benefits of taking water over other drinks, including:

  • It helps to keep you hydrated
  • It keeps your weight in check; you can lose faster
  • It helps to flush away toxins from your body
  • It helps to improve blood circulation

The Coca-Cola company has stayed on top of things when it comes to its customers’ changing needs and preferences and complies.

Through its subsidiary company Glaceau, the Coca-Cola Company introduced bottled water by the name Smart Water and contracted a brand ambassador comedy star Jennifer Anniston for 12years, and Gal Gadot later in 2020.

Why Gal Gadot & Smart Water?

In the year 2020, Smart Water made a huge marketing investment targeting social, digital as well as creative platforms.

Picking Gal Gadot as the brand ambassador for the bottled water was in line with Smart Water’s marketing objective, where its target market has been young women aged between 25 and 35. The Wonder Woman film star is a woman and was only 34 when she signed the contract.

A brand ambassador represents the human aspect of a company that makes it easy for customers to connect with, and that is what Gal is for Smart Water.

Gadot has been in the limelight since she was 18 years old and has been a brand ambassador for other products such as Reebok and Revlon. She, therefore, has the attention of many people on social media and the influence it would take to boost brand awareness and increase sales for Smart Water.


Why You Also Need a Brand Ambassador in Your Next Ad Campaign


To Humanize Your Brand

The interactions your company has with your customers will always have a ‘corporate’ feel to it. Therefore, it is hard for customers to create an authentic and deep connection with either your brand or your products and services. 

But not when you have a brand ambassador.

A brand ambassador will make the product feel more natural and closer to the customer’s context. That will give your customers a more relatable feeling that they can easily connect with.

To Extend Your Online Reach

Your brand ambassador should ideally be someone with a solid online reputation, just like Gadot. With many loyal followings on social media, it means whatever content they post, it’s likely to reach many people. Instead of waiting for years to build your social media following, why not get a brand ambassador? That will be your chance to invest in your brand awareness with a higher level of certainty.

To Protect Your Reputation

When you are in business, you know that getting a brand reputation can happen as quickly as snapping your finger. However, having a brand ambassador can help.

In cases where there is terrible press against your brand, your brand ambassador can save the day. All he or she will need to do is give his or her positive experience with your product and consequently invalidate the bad press.

Word of Mouth Marketing Works Better with a Brand Ambassador

Did you know that Word-of-Mouth is the most effective form of marketing?

Well, now you know.

When word of mouth works well for your brand build trust with new customers becomes effortless. People naturally trust recommendations from their friends and family more compared to self-promotional content. A brand ambassador will be considered a peer by his or her following, helping to build trust between your brand and your customers more creatively than in a sales way.

Great Content

Anyone who qualifies to be contracted as a brand ambassador is a content creator with a big social media following.


Because they have already mastered the art of creating not just any content but engaging content. 

Now, imagine that content is about your brand or product.

Final Thoughts

Like Smart Water, a brand ambassador might be precisely what you need in your next marketing ad campaign.

Choosing who should fill this role is, however, something you need to take seriously. For example, your choice cannot solely rely on the number of followers one has. In addition to a big following, make sure that whoever you pick is a perfect fit for your brand image. A good brand ambassador should be willing to take the time to understand your product.

Like Smart Water, why not contract a brand ambassador for your next ad campaign and watch your brand exposure skyrocket.

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