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Vroom sells twice as many cars in ‘21 than in ‘20

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While in other parts of the world, the eCommerce market for used cars and car parts is still in its infancy and often highly fragmented, the United States is already one step further.

It has a pioneering role in the online sale of used vehicles with strong players in the game who follow innovative concepts and present impressive growth and sales figures. Fast-growing U.S. online used car dealers follow a customer-centric and fully digital approach that combines a high level of reliability featuring extensive vehicle data and securities with the convenient shopping-from-home experience of eCommerce. Most providers offer delivery options after purchase, in case of Carvana – one of the biggest U.S. players – for free in many regions. Those who prefer a fancier handover can pick up their Carvana car at one of the fully automatic and futuristic car vending machines. The online sale of used cars has obviously gained momentum in the United States, as current figures published by Carvana competitor Vroom also underline:

Vroom has reported a strong fourth quarter and full financial year 2021. The eCommerce unit sales of the online used car dealer are up 93% year-on-year in the quarter and an even higher 117% in the full year. In the full financial year 2021, Vroom sold a total of 74,698 eCommerce units, which is a new record, according to CEO Paul Hennessy. Total gross profit per unit was also higher than ever before in 2021, with US$2,206, following a year-on-year increase of 25%. The average selling price per vehicle increased comparably, amounting to US$31,599 in 2021. According to the company, Vrooms overwhelming success in 2021 has various reasons. Next to increased marketing efforts including national advertising campaigns, the company also attributes its success to an ever higher recognition of the brand among U.S. consumers and an increasing acceptance of the new digital car selling business model. The shortage of microchips in the past months, which resulted in heavy delays in the manufacturing of new cars, possibly also affected the online demand for used vehicles for the positive. For the upcoming quarter and financial year, Vroom expects the positive developments to continue

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