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UV rays: Vaseline and Ogilvy flip sunrises and sunsets into warning signs to encourage wearing sunscreen 

UV rays at sunset and surise
Vaseline is on a mission to educate Thai consumers about the risks of sun damage between dusk and dawn when most people mistakenly assume UV rays are at their lowest.
UV rays at sunset and surise
UV rays at sunset and sunrise

Vaseline is advising customers to wear sunscreen in the morning and evening to protect their skin from the sun’s UV rays in a new campaign from Ogilvy Singapore.

Thai people care deeply about their skin. They would never want to be outside in the sun without their sunscreens.  The dangers of the sun’s rays, including serious burns and skin cancer, are widely known among Thai people.

Flipped sunsets and sunrises resemble warning sign

Vaseline, is the undeniable market leader in skin care in Thailand. The brand’s new campaign aims to safeguard its customers and encourage them to live without restrictions. It also seeks to alert them of the risk of sun exposure in the morning and evening hours.

The campaign is based on the idea that UV rays are harmful at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. like any other hour of the day. To spread this message, the campaign flips pictures of sunsets and sunrises such that they resemble the universally recognized warning sign “!”

To encourage consumers to wear and reapply sunscreen, the ad leverages contextual billboards in highly relevant areas.

The advertisements, which are also appearing in publications and online, aim to spread more awareness about solar damage. Only 14.3% of Thai consumers, according to Vaseline, are aware that the sun is hazardous both at sunrise and evening.

The campaign aims at educating people about the dangers of exposure to UV rays anytime

Vaseline’s senior global brand director, Louis Piereck, said that the company’s goal is to provide everyone with good skin. It also aims to offer the freedom to live without restrictions. This straightforward but eye-catching concept serves Vaseline’s goal of informing the public about the risks of exposure to the sun at any time of day.

Now, people will be reminded to wear sunscreen every time they witness a sunset or sunrise, according to Nicolas Courant, a chief creative officer at Ogilvy Singapore.


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