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Snapchat AR: Snap highlights its distinctive AR Offerings in a new ad campaign “Wait’ill You See This”

Snapchat's "Wait'ill You See This" campaign will showcase bizarre effects as a way to provide people with a new perspective on the real world.
Snapchat AR ad campaign
Snapchat AR

Snapchat has launched a new campaign, “Wait’ll You See This”, to promote the uniqueness of its viral Snapchat AR trends. The campaign will showcase bizarre effects as a way to provide people with a new perspective on the real world.

With 71% of active Snapchat users already engaging with AR in the app on a daily basis, there is clearly a lot of interest in these types of unique activations that provide a new way of seeing the world. The campaign will undoubtedly garner attention.

Snap hopes that the campaign will be a good enticement for people to get into the app and expand its user base. At the very least, it will pique people’s interest, leading to a few more people downloading the app to see what it can do.

Snapchat AR has continued to outperform its heavily invested tech giant competitors


AR is a key focus for Snap, and despite operating on a much smaller scale than Meta and Apple, who are both investing heavily in AR projects, Snap has continued to outperform the competition in this area by consistently releasing AR content that grabs attention and engages audiences.

Meta is still struggling to stay relevant with younger audiences, which could derail its metaverse vision, whereas Apple has relied on Snap to showcase its advanced AR tools over time.

If nothing else, Snapchat is always conscious of the latest developments, which is why nearly every AR trend has found its origin in Snapchat, and this has managed to stay unchanged over time, even as newer platforms like TikTok enter the industry.

Snapchat+ subscription is already outperforming Twitter Blue, even after the addition of the tweet editing feature. Snapchat+ has over 1.5 million paying subscribers, compared to an estimated 325k for Twitter Blue.

The campaign will help Snapchat grow further

Snap’s sense of community has aided its growth and relevance. But it also needs to grow, and perhaps a surreal promotion like this can help increase awareness of what people can do with the app.

It’s during such campaigns that Snapchat Lenses are typically shared with friends and family.

It, therefore, appears to be a good initiative that could help Snap generate more interest and engagement.

The campaign also serves as a demonstration of scanning in the Snap camera. To try out any of the Lenses featured in the ad, one can scan the screen in the Snap camera, to open up whichever Lens is displaying during the scan.


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