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Smart people have our app: Burger king ad that’s poking fun at people without its app

Burger King has a new ad highlighting the benefits of its app. The "Smart people have our app" campaign makes fun of people without the app.

Burger King ad Smart peopleThe way people view those who are ardent savers has changed. Finding discounts and savings opportunities is considered as a sign of intelligence instead of simply being cost-effective. The “Smart People Have Our App” campaign by Burger King dramatizes the gap between those who already have the Burger King app and those who don’t communicate this idea; The intelligent versus the less intelligent.

The other “not so smart” people

On September 26th, a sequence of three executions that covered OOH launched the campaign. Each features absurd “other people” scenarios besides the slogan “Smart people have our app.” 

The billboard campaign pokes fun at “other people” who get into awkward situations while smart people get their Burger King fix via the app. 

The first one makes fun of the fact that “Other people clap as the plane lands.” 

Why do people clap anyway? No one knows precisely why landing claps have been around for so long. Touching the ground after being in the air is exciting in some way. Clapping is common as individuals express gratitude for a safe arrival and excitement at reaching a special place. Others clap only for fun.

The second is located near a bus stop and emphasizes that “other people are still reading this advertisement and just missed the bus and now won’t make it home in time for dinner.” The third one is that “Other people wear false glasses.” 


Untapped discounts and freebies for Smart people

A follow-up campaign from Splendid Communications and Color will help the OOH executions by bringing the Burger King app’s bargains to life. The “Whoppernomics” series of hacks, which include how to get a free Cheeseburger when you join the Burger King UK loyalty program and how to transform two burgers into three, reveals untapped discounts and freebies to help customers save money on menu items. Burger King UK collaborates with influencers who can help people save money to find and publicize these tips.


“This commercial perfectly illustrates Burger King’s irreverence,” explained Felipe Guimaraes, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH. We have changed the conversation from talking about the technology at a time when everyone is talking about their app to talking about the users.” Since intelligent individuals already have the Burger King App, the ad chooses to speak to the “other” people who don’t.


Burger King Brand & Communication Director Soco Nunez asserts: “Our app is by far the most intelligent way for our customers to enjoy their favorite Burger King foods. And this ad does so in a way that feels playful, authentic to the brand’s voice, and irreverent.”





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