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Roman Numerals: HEINZ explains the Super Bowl’s puzzling Roman numerals using its iconic number 57

Heinz's "LVII Meanz 57" campaign aims at elevating fans voices against Roman numerals and correct misconceptions.

Roman Numerals

Even though roman numerals have been outdated since the 13th century, they continue to be a Super Bowl staple that always leaves fans mystified. Before this year’s LVII (57th) game, HEINZ, in the way and year only HEINZ can, clarifies the situation and offers clarity amidst the confusion with its legendary 57. The company has introduced the “LVII Meanz 57,” campaign to encourage people to refer to the Big Game as “57”.

SuperBowl fans have expressed their frustration with the use of Roman numerals

When Roman numerals were used during the Big Game last year, hundreds of fans vented their displeasure and confusion on social media. In response, HEINZ has created a website where people can vote on whether the time has finally come to retire the Roman numerals to assist these fervent supporters in making their opinions known. Additionally, HEINZ has invited followers to use the hashtag #LVIIMeanz57 while posting on social media.

HEINZ has also introduced unique, limited-edition ketchup bottles bearing the mark “LVII Meanz 57,” replacing the famous 57 that has proudly graced the label for more than a century. Regardless of their viewpoint, fans have a chance to win one by participating in the poll.

Heinz’s long association with the number 57 

Alyssa Cicero, marketing manager for HEINZ says

the annual reintroduction of these unrealistic Roman numerals frequently leave fans frustrated and confused.  HEINZ has had a long association with the number 57 for more than a century. This year’s Big Game LVII is no exception. Cicero says there’s no better time for HEINZ to update this custom and make it clear that “LVII Meanz 57.  Heinz is, therefore, using its platform to voice the frustrations of people across North America. 

Roman numerals are out of date

HEINZ tested passers-knowledge by’s in the US and Canada, and the results are clear: Roman numerals are as obsolete, from the confusing symbols to ambiguous subtraction rules, fans everywhere are thrown into a foul mood.

According to HEINZ’s tests of public knowledge, Roman numerals are as out-of-date as the abacus. Uncertainty is rampant among fans across the board due to puzzling symbols and confusing subtraction rules.

For Heinz, numbers that aren’t letters are simpler to understand and the company felt that people felt the same way. The individuals interviewed concurred that we should simply refer to the number 57, as 57. Ideally, Heinz should lead that change given its long association with the number 57.

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