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Oscar Mayer Renames Iconic Street Marketing Tool After Nearly 100 Years!

Oscar Mayer Renames Iconic Street Marketing Tool After Nearly 100 Years!
Oscar Mayer, the renowned meat brand known for its famous Wienermobile, is making headlines with a major announcement.
  • Oscar Mayer was the second ranked refrigerated bacon brand of the United States with about $242.21 million U.S. dollars sales, only behind Private label with $367.05 million U.S. dollars sales in 2022.

  • Oscar Mayer holds a prominent position as one of the leading refrigerated frankfurter brands in the United States in 2023, securing the second spot in terms of market presence. With remarkable sales figures of $89.92 million U.S. dollars, Oscar Mayer follows closely behind Ball Park, which leads the industry with an impressive $129.65 million U.S. dollars in sales.

Oscar Mayer‘s 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels, which has been a beloved marketing tool for nearly a century, has undergone a remarkable transformation and has been renamed the ‘Frankmobile.’ This exciting development coincides with Oscar Mayer‘s upcoming launch of its revamped 100% Beef Franks, promising a more flavorful experience for hot dog enthusiasts nationwide.

In a surprising move, Oscar Mayer decided to give its iconic Wienermobile a fresh new identity. The Frankmobile is set to delight fans with its saucy new “please do not lick” decals, rebranded Frank Whistles (formerly Wiener Whistles), and a new moniker for its drivers, who are now affectionately known as “Frankfurters.” This reinvention of the Wienermobile marks the first time in its storied history that it has undergone such a significant rebranding.

The unveiling of the Frankmobile aligns with Oscar Mayer‘s exciting product revamp. The company will introduce its new All Beef Franks, promising a more delicious and balanced flavor profile that retains the iconic beef taste loved by fans. These revamped hot dogs will soon be available in grocery retailers across the United States, offering consumers a tantalizing upgrade to their hot dog experience.

Stephanie Vance, associate brand manager at Oscar Mayer, expressed to The Drum her excitement about the Frankmobile’s debut and its connection to the brand’s rich heritage. She stated,

“From the Frankmobile’s deliciously comical exterior decals to rebranded Frank Whistles and Frankfurters behind the wheel, we carefully crafted the vehicle’s new identity to drive awareness and excitement for the new recipe in a wonderfully odd way that is iconically Oscar Mayer.”

To generate excitement and provide opportunities for fans to try the new All Beef Franks, Oscar Mayer has planned a series of Frankmobile stops. Interested consumers can track the Frankmobile’s upcoming locations at, where they can enjoy an in-person ‘meat-up’ and even enter for a chance to win free hot dogs.

Frankmobile is backed by the creative agency Johannes Leonardo, PR agency Zeno Group, and the social team, The Kitchen. Building on the excitement, the company will launch the ‘Council of Franks’ campaign next month, featuring a fictional local government council with all members named ‘Frank.’ This creative campaign, spanning TV, streaming, online, and social media platforms, aims to declare Oscar Mayer’s 100% Beef Franks as irresistibly delicious.

With a revamped recipe and an engaging marketing campaign, Oscar Mayer is poised to capture the hearts and taste buds of hot dog lovers across the country. The Frankmobile is a testament to the brand’s ability to evolve while maintaining its iconic status in the food industry.


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