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New York Festivals  set to rebrand and shine the spotlight on creative Health

New York Festivals

New York FestivalsEstablished in 1957, the New York Festivals celebrates the World’s Best Work and the people producing it. There are six global awards in the following categories:

  • Advertising Awards
  • Ame Awards
  • Global Awards
  • Bowery Awards
  • Radio Awards
  • TV and Film Awards

The global award is the leader in health competitions aiming to increase global advertising and communication creativity.


 On October 17, 2022, the New York Festivals Global Awards plans to rebrand as NYF Health. NYF will also start accepting entries from the same date up to March 3rd, 2023, for the next festival in 2023.


The New York Festivals will once again highlight Healthcare, Wellness, and Pharmaceutical advertising after a few years of Covid-caused hiatus. The recently revamped NYF Health competition will honor performance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

 Ogilvy Health, the creative team in New York, under the direction of CCO Adam Hessel, acknowledged that the city’s festivals have long honored innovative healthcare advertising campaigns. Their humor-filled relaunch campaign for NYF Health resulted from their ingenuity and assistance throughout the rebranding process. The print advertisement “We were into Health when New York wasn’t” captures the enduring nature of NYF and its connection to healthcare advertising and marketing.


New York Festivals Competition

The Global Award’s former goal was to honor ground-breaking campaigns by Healthcare and Pharmaceutical brands. These campaigns successfully and creatively engage consumers and patients. The new NYF competition will also uphold this goal.

Scott Rose, the NYF Advertising Awards executive director, is in charge of this rebranded competition. He says, “NYF Health will honor creative and inspired Healthcare and Pharma work from around the globe. With the relaunch of our healthcare competition, NYF will provide entrants with a platform to celebrate those campaigns of distinction within the healthcare sphere.”


Ogilvy Health campaign support

Adam Hessel, the Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Health, is leading the charge in advocating for the relaunch of the NYF’s Healthcare competition. His enviable reputation and insider knowledge of the business have given NYF a crucial 360-degree vision of healthcare. That’s key from the standpoint of a creative and strategic marketer.

He says, “One of the first awards shows I was exposed to while coming up in the business was the NYF’s, so committing time to support the NYF Health Show relaunch was an easy choice. Truly great creative work should always be celebrated. Supporting the really wonderful Healthcare & Pharma work out there means more great creative work to come in the future and NYF is a part of that.” 

Adam will be the Executive Jury President for the 2023 competition. He will, therefore, promote the contest and make sure that the industry’s innovators make up the Health Jury.

“My responsibility is to make sure we have the  most qualified jurors from the past, present and future judging the work. This will ensure we maintain the highest standards and celebrate not just the best work today, but will also set the bar for how future creative work will be evaluated,” said Adam.

Why Ogilvy Health?

In an ever-evolving and complex market that is the healthcare industry, Ogilvy Health commits to achieving excellent results. 

Ogilvy places NYF’s audiences’ health and wellness requirements at the forefront of every touchpoint. NYF can motivate companies and individuals to make a difference in the world. Ogilvy provides insight, creativity, innovation, and engagement solutions for all healthcare stakeholders, patients, and consumers across the healthcare continuum. 


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