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Kindness recognized and rewarded by Kind Snacks


KindnessKind, UK’s fastest-growing healthy snack brand, has unveiled its first-ever out-of-home (OOH) advertisement to promote compassion and highlight its collaboration with the refugee aid group Choose Love. Like so many times before, the brand is once again taking its name to heart and encouraging kindness.


Kind is a brand on the mission to make the world a better place through kindness, one snack, and one act at a time. The brand seeks to inspire compassion in communities, the planet, and its clients themselves (their bodies) by developing healthy snacks; Kind’s snacks have no secret ingredients, artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners, making them more beneficial than the typical snacks.


Over the years, Kind has taken every opportunity to inspire and encourage kindness. Last year, the snack maker unveiled its debut TV campaign, running a seven-week drive, Live KIND, with the message that all humans have the capability to show kindness but find it easier to be unkind. The campaign was intended to encourage consumers to make kinder choices for their bodies.


The Kindness Campaign 

The campaign showcases admirable kind deeds by locals on billboards in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Edinburgh. The brand combed the country in search of these endearing deeds that could have otherwise gone unnoticed. Kind hopes that the platform will serve as an inspiration to other people to be more considerate.


The campaign is a multichannel strategy incorporating PR, digital, influencer marketing, and limited edition on-pack designs. The brand has donated over $59,000 to Choose Love to support the organization’s work advocating for refugees worldwide and providing humanitarian relief.


Audrey Arbeeny, Kind’s marketing director in the UK, said, “We’re really proud to be launching our first ever out-of-home campaign – it’s a significant milestone for Kind and one that will hopefully make a small impact on the communities in which the acts have taken place, and the ads are displayed,” 

The Goal of the Partnership

The campaign’s goal is to uplift communities by recognizing heartfelt and significant deeds of unrecognized generosity performed by locals. Kind searched the country for these compassionate deeds to give them the credit they deserve. If Kind did not purpose to identify such acts of kindness, they would easily go unnoticed.

The campaign also highlights Majid Adin, an Iranian artist, and his positive experience as a refugee in the UK. The generosity he received from the British people is well captured. Majid Adin has also created kindness-inspired packets as a Choose Love ambassador.

After giving the $59,000 to Choose Love, Kind has started looking for “Britain’s Kindest Person” and will erect a 4 m (13 ft) high statue replica of the victor in a famous London location in September.


Kind’s Take on the campaign

While Kind is always focused on using ingredients that are gentle on its customers, this campaign goes beyond marketing. It aims to remind people of the power of compassion.

It’s also a significant illustration of the fundamental belief that both Kind and Choose Love share, which is the basis for their continued relationship and the power of kindness and love.

Josie Naughton, founder and CEO of Choose Love, says, “For the last 5 years Kind have supported Choose Love and our mission in the most incredible way.”

Kind has now elevated its support to Choose Love, with the limited-edition Kind X Choose Love bars popping up all over the UK.

The two brands share ideals and believe that the world can be better if they invest in love and compassion.

Their cooperation with musician Majid Adin will not only disseminate this message but also impact the lives of refugees worldwide.

The big picture

Kind was born out of a need to offer consumers a healthy yet tasty snack. The snack maker was also founded with a mission—the KIND Movement, to inspire and celebrate kindness. 

Since 2004, Kind has been on a mission to make the world a better place, one snack at a time. The company has since partnered with various institutions supporting them in their projects and using the opportunity to encourage compassion. The latest institution is Choose Love, as the snack maker launched its first ever OOH campaign. 

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