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Hilton’s new marketing strategy: Paris Hilton’s charm and humor give Hilton Hotel a new appeal

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Hilton's new marketing strategyAfter many years of directing its marketing attention to lodging and traveler destinations, Hilton has embarked on a new marketing strategy dubbed For the Stay. Hilton’s new marketing strategy is focusing on the role of the hotel.  Hilton hotel has recommendable global consumerism, and its campaign is inspired by global consumer insights consumers’ insights. 

For The Stay campaign emphasizes the role and significance of the hotel and its team members to travelers’ comfort and safety. The campaign is likely to bury the aspect of destination advertising. Hilton seems to notice how the latter loses customer-centric details through generic travel insights, featuring repeat destinations and unworthy walks on the beaches. 

The campaign ad reminds travelers that “It Matters Where You Stay.” It drives Hilton’s commitment to making its clients’ stay a good one. Hilton considers it crucial to give its best during trips. Therefore the central focus of the campaign is the hotel stay. 

“It Matters Where You Stay” campaign reintroduces Hilton to the world using humor to highlight the most ignored but crucial travel insights. It also points out the challenges people often encounter during trips or bookings. 

The ad campaign launch

During the ad campaign launch, Mark Weinstein, Hilton’s chief marketing officer, said, “Today, as we make company history with Hilton’s first brand platform, we’re reminding guests that at the heart of a great trip is a great stay and that it’s just different when that stay is with Hilton. As we enter this next era of travel, it has never been more important to consider where you stay – and Hilton is uniquely committed to making sure your stay is everything you need it to be.”  

Weinstein echoed the campaign citing how Hilton now ties external customer marketing to the hotel’s purpose. It’s what translates to ‘Hilton owns the Stay.’

Hilton’s New Marketing Strategy Features Paris Hilton for Extra Buzz

The campaign features the renowned socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton. Paris is the great-granddaughter of Hilton Hotel’s founder Conrad Hilton. She’s iconic to the hotel having lived in several branches of Hilton hotel during her childhood and teenage years. As a result, she gained an admirable and earlier exposure to the business. 

In the 30-minute ad. Peris enters a hotel room, noting that she opens the door without having to touch it using an app on her phone. She’s holding her pet dog, followed by the hotel team helping with her copious luggage. She offers her viewers a “sliving” tip to book a hotel like Hilton that provides a connecting room for extra storage space or family members. Sliving is Paris’ new catchphrase that combines two words: slaying and living, to mean living your best possible life.

Her family’s legacy partly inspires her participation in this campaign. The family is famous for its belief in the power of hospitality and travel and values how people connect and explore different cultures. 

Another renowned actor, Catherine O’Hara, also adds her weight to the campaign, which started rolling out at the end of July starting with TV commercials and later the audio.

Hilton’s new ads have highlighted  features like ‘Extra Storage.’ Hilton displays how enjoyable it is to travel even with extra luggage. In ‘Confirmed Together,’ the most crucial pain point is featured — family travel, and the significance of booking connected rooms. The ad ‘Haunted‘, also presents common mistakes families make when booking vacations. The ad is humorous but depicts what travelers should and shouldn’t do before booking hotels. 

The Agency Contribution to  Hilton’s “It Matters Where You Stay” Marketing Strategy

TBWA Chiat Day New York, Hilton’s agency from 2017 has pushed Hilton to new heights. Its Disruption methodology has seen Hilton realize its potential in hospitality. The Hotel previously concentrated on destinations rather than the stay. Now, consumer research has shown that stay and care are crucial when people are on trips and the hotel is determined to prove to its guests that it matters where they stay.

“In developing the campaign, we were inspired by showing the realness of travel; the tensions, the hardships, the too-high expectations. It goes against convention in the hospitality category, and it’s an exciting space for the brand to own,” said Amy Ferguson, chief creative officer, TBWA Chiat Day New York. The emphasis is on what makes or breaks the client’s trip. Therefore, the focus on consumer travel, destination, stay, and post-stay matters greatly. 


Wrapping it up

Hilton has been famous in the hospitality industry for more than a century now. Its vision is to become the leading hospitality service provider. Hilton’s new marketing strategy focuses on the customer’s previously ignored concern — the Stay. The campaign features celebrities and initiatives that serve millions of members and guests. 

Hilton’s For The Stay campaign stretches over several media platforms. There’s TV, audio, print media, social media, and Out of home. The first launch is in the US, followed by the UK and specific Asian-Pacific and Middle East markets. The campaign drivers include world-renowned creatives like A-list commercial director Matt Aselton. 


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