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Halloween Boo Buckets are back: Here’s how and when you can get your hands on one

McDonalds has thrown back its customers back to 1986 by reintroducing the iconic Halloween Boo Buckets for a limited time

Halloween Boo Buckets McDonald’s is formally reintroducing its classic Halloween Happy Meal buckets, the famous Halloween Boo Buckets. This throwback follows online and social media buzz lately over the iconic Spooky buckets.  The famous buckets, which include popular Halloween symbols like ghosts and pumpkins, were initially introduced in 1986.

They’re finally making a comeback this year, and they have three characters—McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin — and come in the shape of the original buckets from 1986.

“We clearly heard you… You don’t want spooky SZN if it doesn’t have McDonald’s Halloween Pails. The most recognizable Halloween trio is coming back as a result,” announced McDonald’s.

What is Mcdonald’s Halloween Buckets?

In 1986, McDonald’s began serving its Happy Meal in adorable tiny buckets with Halloween decor, which may also be used as a child’s trick-or-treat bag.  The buckets were a spooky treat because Happy Meals come in cardboard boxes, almost like tiny houses. 

For Halloween 2022, the restaurant chain brought them back, and social media was a hive of activity for weeks before the release.

Here’s how to get your hands on Halloween Happy Meal

Order a standard Happy Meal at the McDonald’s restaurant closest to you in the US. The restaurant will serve your meal in one of the three colored buckets. If you like, you might also try asking for a specific character.

The bucket automatically replaces the standard Happy Meal box when purchased through the McDonald’s app.

When they first came out, they had a jack-o-lantern design with several facial expressions. According to CNET, although the latter should have been more frightening, McBoo appeared “startled,” while McPunk’n and McGoblin were “happy and sleepy.”

When and for how long will the Halloween buckets be available?

Starting on Tuesday the 18th, Mcdonald’s has been selling the McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGobli. The sale will continue for a short period of time at participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country while supplies last. McDonald’s announced earlier this month that the famous Happy Meal Halloween Boo buckets would return on October 18, so you can order one RIGHT NOW!

Naturally, the Happy Meal buckets will run out on Halloween this year, which falls on a Monday. Therefore, once October 31 expires, you won’t be able to obtain one.

You might be lucky to get one if the restaurant has any left over after October 31; however, you won’t need one as trick-or-treating will have ended by then.

You must move fast because you have less than two weeks left to acquire the legendary Halloween pails.

Inside the Mcdonald’s Halloween Buckets 

When you purchase a Happy Meal at McDonald’s in October, you will receive one of three buckets with a Halloween theme.

They all have hats and handles; one is an orange pumpkin, another is a white ghost, and the third is a green goblin. But unlike the old ones, these lack lids.

The meal you ordered is inside the box. However, there aren’t any toys because the box is a toy.

The bucket holding your Happy Meal will have three recognizable Halloween characters—McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin on it.


The bucket takes the place of the typical Happy Meal toy. It can later be used as a planter, Halloween decoration, or trick-or-treat bucket.

A cheeseburger, hamburger, or chicken nuggets are all included in the meal. It comes with a tiny drink, little fries, and another side dish like apple slices, and you can serve the same side item you did for the first time.

How to Reuse the Halloween-themed pails

“Don’t be alarmed by our Halloween Pails’ one-time appearance, ” they added. ” We’re excited to see how you reuse yours in inventive ways!”

McDonald’s revealed five fan-inspired ideas for reusing the Halloween Pails after the meal is finished, from repurposing them into handbags and pot plants to using them as festive decorations and even drums.











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