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Daylight saving time: Eggo is giving parents a chance to hire a babysitter during daylight saving time

Eggo plans to hold a contest for parents where the overall winners will get $100, to pay for a morning babysitter during daylight saving time.
Daylight saving time campaign by Eggo
Daylight saving time campaign by Eggo

March 12, marks the annual tradition of adjusting our clocks to daylight saving time. Everyone will lose an hour of sleep and Eggo will be giving exhausted parents a break.

Nobody’s thrilled about daylight saving Sunday that’s coming soon. But the day is worse for those with children. So, if the thought of dragging yourself out of bed an hour earlier than usual gets you upset, it could be worse. Daring child caretakers must physically and emotionally brace themselves to deal with children whose sleeping habits have been abruptly disrupted when the time comes.

The daylight saving time contest will have 1,000 winners

By offering 1,000 winners $100 to hire a babysitter and get some much-needed rest, Kellogg’s frozen waffle brand Eggo hopes to help parents of young children “l’eggo” of their fear that morning.

The commercial was launched in response to a survey conducted by Eggo that revealed 53% of American parents are willing to spend $100 to have someone watch over their children that morning.

On this day, Eggo seems to have a better awareness of parenting. The company gave away one million waffles last year to assist stressed-out parents in preparing a quick breakfast for their children.

Parents find Daylight Saving Time to be draining. Children get up earlier than usual because of the time change, and parents are unable to rest, according to Eggo’s marketing director Joe Beauprez.

Qualifications to join the contest

The event will start, on March 9 and last through March 11. Once it launches, parents can register on the brand’s website for an Eggo-sponsored opportunity to enjoy a quiet morning. The business will allow parents to continue to purchase Eggos in advance of hectic morning breakfasts following the time change.  To join, parents must have kids who are 12 years old or younger. On March 13 the company will reveal the names of the 1,000 winners will be revealed.


Eggo appears to be using the campaign as one of many strategies to maintain its current sales pace. Along with the implementation of the daylight saving time campaign, Eggo and Johnny Rockets recently introduced a new product. Certain to spark conversation is the limited-edition chicken and Eggo waffle sandwich. 

The daylight saving time campaign will benefit both Eggo’s business as well as parents who want to keep some sanity.


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