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Cannes Lions 2022: How the Metaverse and Gamification Are Making Skincare Goals Achievable

The Metaverse


Concepts of the Metaverse Technology
Concepts of the Metaverse Technology

Brands want to stay ahead of the competition. Being able to detect and respond to changes in their customers’ tastes and preferences with accuracy will do just that.


Metaverse and gamification are helping brands in the Skincare Industry make an impact. Galderma, for example, has found ways to tap into these technology trends to speed up its growth.


Galderma is focusing on technology to help make data-driven decisions. The company is keen to stay ahead of customer behavior and, communicate with its consumers. Xenia Olajosova, the company’s head of integrated media disclosed this during the Cannes Lions Festival 2022.


In this article, we will find out how technology has helped improve dermatology results for patients. How do Metaverse and gamification help achieve these goals?


The Challenge in Skincare

In the skincare industry, it’s common to find patients not adhering to treatment. That means treatment goals are hardly achieved leading to new problems including:

  • Suboptimal treatment results
  • Lower quality of life
  • Extra health care expenses


According to a survey by Pubmed Central (PMC), several factors lead to the lack of adherence. From the patient’s perspective, they include:


  1. Lack of enough information about the product or drug
  2. The patient didn’t like the physical properties of the product
  3. Some patients expect faster improvements
  4. Most patients forget to take their medication or honor doctor appointments 


It’s important to first find out a patient’s challenge in adherence to find a solution faster, and influence a positive treatment outcome.


Galderma believes metaverse and gamification are the solutions they need. The technologies can help align their communication to reach their patients at the right time and in the right context.


More specifically, technology can help align communication by:

  • Giving a more realistic depiction of the adherence reward
  • Handling adherence challenges immediately they show up
  • Offering a platform where the doctor and the patient can carry on a conversation

The Role of Metaverse and Gamification in Skincare

Metaverse and Gamification
Metaverse and Gamification

Metaverse and gamification are technologies helping to achieve dermatology results for patients. They make it easier for patients to follow their treatment plan, make changes as needed, and achieve their desired results.


The Metaverse

One of the reasons patients don’t adhere to their treatment is the lack of a clear understanding of the benefits of a product.


The first thing that the Metaverse can do is help with communication between patients and their doctors. For example, if a patient is not clear about what type of treatment they will need, they can ask their doctor questions in virtual reality. This would allow them to see exactly what the doctor is talking about without having to ask for clarification or wait days for an answer.


Metaverse provides an effective communication platform for both the patient and the doctor. The patient can visualize how their skin will look like after the skincare routine before they start the procedure. They can then go through the treatment or procedure with confidence, and motivation to reach their end goal.



For young people to follow through with their skincare routine, then Galderma must find a way to make the process fun.  That’s why gamification is important.


Gamification is a way to motivate people to do things. It makes the user feel like they are playing a game, keeping them engaged and encouraging them to continue using the app or product. Gamification also creates a sense of community. It gives each person something in common with others who are using the same product or app.


This technology has also been used in the field of dermatology to help learners test their skills and knowledge in a safe space. This has worked well considering the visual and procedural nature of the study.


Gamifying solutions are entertaining and engaging. Galderma has integrated them into its long-term skin treatment to increase engagement and motivate patients to stick to the treatment to the end.


Badges and points are techniques applied in gamification. They make it easier for patients to understand the progress they have made with their treatment plans. They can also keep track of the time they have been on treatment so that they know when it’s time for another appointment.


The Big Picture

Galderma uses gamification alongside Metaverse’s Virtual Reality technology to treat various skin conditions.


Galderma chose the Metaverse platform as the management tool for their dermatology business. It has enabled them to perform a comprehensive analysis of their data and provide insights into market opportunities.


The program keeps patients engaged allowing them to effectively control, as well as reduce their skin conditions. Galderma can also create customized reports on this program. The reports are based on specific needs or preferences on treatment options available.

Metaverse and gamification have helped create a level of patient engagement that the company has not achieved before.


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