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Bud Light Seltzer launches a new campaign to set the record straight about its formula

Bud Light Seltzer has launched a new campaign called "100% Hard Seltzer, 0% Beer" with the aim to dispel the myth that the drink contains beer.

Bud Light SeltzerUsing the Bud Light name may have originally aided Bud Light Seltzer because of brand awareness, but the decision has left customers confused believing that the product contains beer when in fact it does not.

By launching its new advertising campaign, Bud Light Seltzer hopes to stand out in a crowded market and set itself apart from Bud Light beer products. The slogan “100% Hard Seltzer, 0% Beer” tries to draw attention to the fruity flavor characteristic and distinctive carbonation of seltzer. The AB InBev seltzer was introduced at the height of the hard seltzer trend in 2020.

The new campaign for the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand comes at a time when the hard seltzer category continues to expand due to consumer demand in moderate-alcohol and reduced-calorie beverages based on internal research revealing 54% of consumers think that the Bud Light Seltzer contains beer.

Bud Light Seltzer’s new campaign includes board and tabletop games

As part of the initiative, the brewer teamed up with Rabble Games to build a tabletop card game Misconceptions, which tests players’ ability to distinguish between true and false information. A recent television ad emphasizes how seltzer differs from beer in appearance and texture.

The campaign is basically a fact-or-fiction game. The challenge is an effort to join the ongoing conversation in today’s split society. People can order the game through AB InBev’s web store.

With more people consuming their drinks at home since the Covid pandemic, board and tabletop games have become more popular. The creation of a mystery game based on the “Knives Out” movies in collaboration with Netflix last year is another example of how the hard seltzer brand White Claw seized the craze around games.


Truckin’ Bubbles video is spreading color

A new 60-second commercial called “Truckin’ Bubbles,” set to the Black Pumas’ song “Colors,” clearly puts an emphasis on color. The back doors of a truck carrying Bud Light Seltzer opens as it travels down a barren road, creating a trail of vibrant bubbles in its wake. The bubbles appear to be a tribute to the typical hue of beer standing out clearly against the brown surroundings.

During the early stages of the When the COVID pandemic broke out, hard seltzer sales increased significantly and reached $48 billion. But  the marketplace quickly became saturated. Another obstacle for the hard seltzer sector is the growing popularity of canned cocktails.


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