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Airbnb. Where exactly is Up’s house in New Mexico?

The Up house is a popular Airbnb rental that is booked months in advance. The house is decorated with movie memorabilia

Abiquiu, New Mexico is the home of the iconic Up house, a recreation of the beloved Disney and Pixar film character Carl Fredricksen’s floating home. The house is available for rent on Airbnb as part of the platform’s new Icons category, which offers unique and unforgettable experiences hosted by celebrities, athletes, and other notable figures.


The house is located in Abiquiu, New Mexico, on Palvareda Rd.

The Up house is a popular Airbnb rental that is booked months in advance. The house is decorated with movie memorabilia and has all the amenities of a modern home. Guests can even take a ride in the house’s signature helium balloon basket.

Why is Abiquiu known?

Abiquiu is a small town in northern New Mexico known for its stunning natural beauty, rich artistic history, and proximity to Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch. The town has been a popular destination for artists and writers for centuries, and its unique charm has been captured in films like Red River and Easy Rider.

Why is it called Abiquiu?

The name Abiquiu comes from the Ute word abiquiu, which means “place of the tall reeds.” The town is located on the banks of the Chama River, which is lined with tall reeds that were once used by the Ute people for making baskets and other crafts.

Iconic Airbnb

The house from “Up” forms part of Airbnb’s newly launched iconic accommodations. This recreation of Carl’s flying house includes over 8,000 balloons, turning what was once an animated fantasy into a tangible reality. Guests can explore Carl’s world in this unique setting, surrounded by the natural beauty that Abiquiú has to offer.

This initiative by Airbnb not only brings more magic to the real world but also connects guests with extraordinary experiences they could only dream of before. According to Brian Chesky, founder and CEO of Airbnb, “Iconic takes you to worlds that previously only existed in your imagination—until today.” As we increasingly turn to digital experiences, initiatives like this remind us of the wonders of the physical world.

The house in Abiquiú is just one of many such experiences. Others include spending a night at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, or joining comedian Kevin Hart at a live lounge. With prices under $100 and some even free, these experiences are both accessible and unforgettable, each promising to create memories that last a lifetime. More than 4000 golden digital tickets will be available in 2024, allowing guests to immerse themselves in these once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

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