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You can handle anything: Ineos campaign to launch new handwash

You Can Handle Anything campaign

You Can Handle Anything campaign

Ineos has unveiled a new brand campaign, “You can handle anything,” to mark the introduction of their new handwash, the newest item in their line of hygiene products. The campaign offers a bold and uncensored look into the fantastic things our hands assist us in achieving every day while avoiding the conventional cliches of the hand hygiene advertising sector, such as “99.9%” and “protection”.

The “You can handle anything” campaign

You Can Handle Anything, which was conceptualized and artistically carried out by The&Partnership with Wavemaker in charge of all media planning and purchase, is a powerful portrait of human endeavor that champions the critical function of hands in our daily life. In doing so, the multi-channel advertising campaign stresses the value of preserving and caring for your hands. That gives INEOS’s hand wash an important place in all facets of consumers’ lives.

A hand-crafted marketing campaign

A gorgeous hand-crafted marketing campaign film is at the center of the campaign. The movie, in association with filmmaker Maria Sosa Betacor, Biscuit productions, and the CounterPress studio, demonstrates the wide range of actions carried out by our hands, from routine activities like tying shoelaces to life-saving procedures like CPR.

The campaign shooting and production ussd hand-crafted cinematographic techniques such as:

  • The film shooting in 16mm (a historically popular type of film, first created in 1923). The film was hand-developed before being scanned digitally for editing. 
  • Use of an old metal letter, the typography printing on paper using a conventional printing machine.
  • The use of various mediums, including art, animation, and cinema.
  • Using handheld cameras for both photographs and filming the movie.

All this happened to ensure the theme of hands and their vital role in daily life continued off-screen.

The launch plan

Wavemaker developed the complete launch plan to match placements with INEOS’ critical growth consumers, particularly young families and sports and health/wellness aficionados, using its industry-leading planning platform, Maximise.  It carefully picked each channel based on compatibility with these groups, considering their consumption patterns and interests. The aim is to stand out from the crowd in the hand hygiene area.

“You Can Handle Anything” is a part of the INEOS brand platform GO HUMANS. The platform aims to encourage people to embrace their full potential with the aid of INEOS hygiene products.


The advertising campaign debuts on September 12th across theater, TV, outdoor, digital, social, and customized OOH screens (Canada Square). It is The&Partnership and Wavemaker’s inaugural INEOS campaign.

Facts behind Ineos’ new handwash

  • Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, INEOS used its chemical expertise to open factories in the UK, Europe, and the US in 10 days to donate hand hygiene products to hospitals worldwide. This led to the development of the INEOS hygienic brand.
  • The new line of hand soap was created using years of scientific experience to guarantee the best level of performance.
    The new line of products has substances that reduce stress and exhaustion while enhancing emotions of well-being.
  • According to consumer studies, the new INEOS hand wash line exceeds the UK’s #1 hand wash* in terms of smell, lather, cleaning ability, and moisturizing capacity.
  • Following the global COVID-19 outbreak, INEOS established the hygienic brand.


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