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Who Won the Presidential Debate? Top Searches on Google about Biden vs. Trump

Who Won the Presidential Debate BIDEN TRUMP
During the Biden vs. Trump presidential debate, searches related to "fact checkers" and fact verification saw a notable increase

During the recent presidential debate 2024 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, hosted by CNN, the interests and concerns of Americans were reflected in Google search trends. From the early minutes of the debate, Google queries revealed the hottest topics and the most pressing questions for voters.

Top Searches During the Presidential Debate 2024 

  1. Who is winning the debate?
    • This question dominated Google trends in the first five minutes, highlighting the viewers’ expectation and real-time analysis.
  2. Inflation and Economy
    • The current inflation rate saw a 5000% increase in searches, underscoring predominant concerns about the economy. Additionally, topics like the national deficit per year captured significant attention, being one of the highlighted searches during the event.
  3. Foreign Policy and Financial Aid
    • Queries about “how much money has the US sent to Ukraine” and “how much money has the US sent to Israel” emerged as critical topics, reflecting interest in US foreign policy.
  4. Social Security and Immigration Issues
    • During the debate, the Social Security tax rate was a prominent search, along with questions about the number of immigrants arriving in the US in 2023, which saw a 450% increase.

Most Interested Metropolitan Areas

  • Areas like Glendive and Helena in Montana, along with Charlottesville in Virginia and other cities across the US, showed particularly high interest in the debate, actively searching for details about the candidates and their platforms.

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Key Searched Themes about Presidential Debate 2024

  • Abortion: The Predominant Issue
    • Abortion stood out as the most searched topic during the debate, followed by immigration, inflation, crime, and unemployment. These concerns underscore the critical issues for American voters in the current context.

International Interest

  • Beyond US borders, Bermuda topped the list of regions with the highest search interest in the debate, followed by other territories and countries showing significant interest in US politics.

Fact-Checking During the Debate 2024

During the Biden vs. Trump presidential debate, searches related to “fact checkers” and fact verification saw a notable increase, with queries like “presidential debate fact checks.”

This trend highlights a growing concern among the audience about the truthfulness and accuracy of the candidates’ statements.

The high demand for fact-checking services during the debate suggests that voters are not only interested in what is said but also in confirming the accuracy of statements made by Trump and Biden.

Google Trends data provides a unique window into the interests and concerns of the American electorate during a key political event, revealing not only who might be perceived as winning but also the deep-seated issues resonating with citizens through their online searches


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