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 There is a challenge on Youtube to upload the most extended video yet. Are you ready?

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But you probably don’t even know how long the longest one is currently. What you should know is that the video is so long it may not play on your device. You can watch Jonathan Harchick’s World’s longest youtube video here. Youtube categorizes its videos based on different milestones; the one with the most likes, the most dislikes, the most viewed, etcetera. But what about the longest one?

Imagine watching a video for a full 571 hours, and no, that is still not enough. You need another 1minuite and 41seconds to watch it to completion.

What would the content of such a video possibly be anyway?

Maybe the content is interesting enough to keep you glued to the 23days. Who knows?.

Let’s quench your curiosity.

The video contains pictures of Harchick’s trip to Chile. Nothing artistic about it except a show of the power of compression. Sadly, that resulted in a low-quality video. 

Not nearly enough to keep people interested, I doubt it would be for you either. Only out of curiosity will most people watch it in bits or tweak its speed at the least.

Youtube Video Limit

Once Youtube scrapped the limit on the videos to be uploaded, Jonathan Harchick, in the year 2012, took the opportunity to upload the world’s most extended video on his Youtube channel Moldy Toaster Media.

… And then he challenged the world to break his record for the longest youtube video.

You see, Youtube had always had a limit on the length and size of videos people could upload. Since the year 2010, however, Youtube has been lifting this limit gradually. 

At first, only a selected few were allowed to upload videos longer than 10minutes up to a maximum of 15minutes. Today, everyone can do that. But if you feel this limit is still too low for you, all you have to do is ensure your Google account is verified to upload longer videos.

To know if your account is verified, it should show in two ways:

  1. The Account Feature on your channel should read “Verified” just below the name of your channel.
  1. The Longer Videos box should also read “Enabled.”

Youtube can only take up to 128GB uploads, but your video should not exceed 12hours in length. If it does, then the size can only be 128GB or less. At 22years of age, Harchick compressed a 571 hours long video to a surprising 549 megabytes. While the pictures are of low quality, Harchick had achieved his goal.

Beating the Youtube Length Limit

You have probably been holding on to a video that you can hardly wait to share with the world. But Youtube limits won’t let you upload it because it is too long or too big.

There is a solution.

You can try to either:

  1. Find an editing software that can help you compress your video to meet the size limits without compromising its quality


  1. You can choose to split your video into smaller ones that you must ensure meet the Youtube requirements. You can then cross-link those videos.

The Value in the World’s Longest Youtube Video

Short and sweet, that’s how we all like it, right?

That’s because the human attention span is limited to only 20 minutes. However, with so many things competing for that attention, it is likely to be even shorter.

Harchick’s Youtube channel has attempted to catch its viewers’ curiosity by posting two longest world’s videos, the most recent one being longer than the previous one. The channel has only managed to get 54,000 subscribers. Compared to other YouTubers, this figure is far too low.

Other shorter videos on Youtube have views that far exceed the 12 million that Harchick’s World’s Longest Youtube Video has been able to garner so far. That is because people are seeking quality over quantity on video. Harchick’s video is more about quantity rather than quality. This is amazing, especially if you have an eCommerce Business that depends on video reviews or creation.  

So, what are the qualities of a good video?

1. The Shorter, the Better

You are probably wondering if the length of your video matters to your audience.

It does. 

So, if you can manage to deliver your message and drive your point home using a shorter video, then go for it.

2. Start Your Video with the Interesting Stuff

If you desire your audience to watch your video to the end, there is no way you can start them off with a boring introduction. They will get easily distracted and click away to the more exciting stuff.

3. Focus

Don’t allow your video content to be all over the place. Focus on one specific thing or subject to avoid coming off as disorganized to your audience. By the time they figure out where you are heading, you will have lost them to the competition.

4. Pump in Some Personality

Personality helps your audience relate better with what you are trying to tell them. That will help you to create engagement and even have your audience take action.

If you are thinking of taking up Harchwick’s challenge, why not try tweaking your video? It will probably fetch you a better following compared to Harchick.

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