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The Crypto Crisis: How Advertising Is Suffering From the Ripple Effects

Crypto Crisis and Advertising

Crypto ads have reduced significantly of late. It’s a strategic measure that the concerned companies have taken to cut down on costs and maximize returns. 

From November 2021 until now, the crypto market value has dropped from $3 trillion to barely $900 billion. Furthermore, credible analysts have predicted that the trend will continue indefinitely. 

The situation in the crypto world is so bad that some companies have shut down. For example, the cryptocurrency broker Voyage Digital has suspended its operations and filed for bankruptcy today. 

This article looks at how the ongoing crisis in the crypto industry has affected the advertising industry. 

The Causes and Effects of the Crypto Crisis

Investors have recently cashed out of cryptocurrencies, yet there was a significant decline in the number of buyers. With crypto, the freaked the investors, the more currencies they bring to the market, thus increasing supply while the demand drops. 

Initially, the crypto industry snowballed because it came with a short-term gain mindset. Investors quickly grabbed the opportunity. Today, crypto companies focus on reducing costs due to market value loss. Crypto prices have plummeted to the extent that ad companies have laid off employees and stopped hiring. 

The Crypto crisis cuts across the stock market and significantly contributes to inflation. And that’s what is turning away investors on whom the ad companies depend.  

The CEO, Zachary Greene, claims that ad companies have cut costs by approximately 70%. Greene says the company had to stop its marketing plans owing to the ad and other revenue losses. They went ahead and laid off some of the staff and reduced the working hours for those who remained. 

The Impact of the Crash on Crypto Companies

Unlike during the Super Bowl, when ads took the higher priority, ad companies now barely advertise. The efforts to continue involving celebrities and letting crypto traders use QR codes failed terribly at the Super Bowl event.  The top crypto ads companies have cut digital ads costs by approximately 90% since November 2021. The worst part is the indefinite dollar recovery period. That has seen crypto advertising companies target new and more conservative investors. 

Between February and March 2022, Coinbase’s ad expenditure dropped by 98%. And in April, the company reduced 68% of ad spending from the outlay. Despite that, May saw the company recover 17 times the April expenditure. 

Crypto price defines the market’s advertising. The performance of crypto in the market contributes too. The market crash forced crypto advertisers to withdraw from the business due to the losses. 

Most companies have established ways to provide value and ensure user success despite the poor markets. However, few companies can still afford to continue with crypto advertising. They have to make calculated moves to avoid making losses. 

Attempts To Recover From the Crypto Crisis

Crypto Crisis

Advertisers still hold on to the belief that digital currencies and ecosystems cannot go extinct. They’re convinced that digital assets, crypto, and the metaverse cannot die.  Hence, those who will hold on will get rewarded soon. 

According to industry experts, crypto trading companies are currently restrategizing and establishing survival tactics. They advise crypto advertising executives to do the same. They should optimize their marketing plans by determining their customers’ pain points and developing viable solutions. 

Why Facebook Retreated From Its Crypto Ad Ban

Facebook had earlier banned most crypto companies from running ads on Meta. But it announced its retreat in December 2021. The move came after the company’s trial to launch crypto for worldwide online transactions through Facebook failed. 


The company has expanded the number of regulatory licenses from 3 to 27. It believes that crypto is an established industry and that most governments have already set clear regulations. 


The move will encourage retail crypto investors to trade like never before. The social giant attributes this to crypto transparency and openness. However, Facebook will continue to reject crypto ad companies that fail to conform to any of the 27 regulations licenses the company accepts. 

Final Thoughts

The supply for cryptocurrencies has soared while the demand has remained low. Crypto ads companies have been on the rise and have benefitted a lot for a long time until late 2021. The crypto market has crashed and faced adverse financial repercussions since then. 


The fear of the unknown has forced investors to withdraw from crypto trading, making ad companies lose value. But then, all is not lost since the future will always be digital. There are hopes for a better crypto future but with diverse approaches.


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