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IDEAL PR Launches Operations in Mexico, Led by Daniel Karam

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IDEAL PR, led by Daniel Karam, has launched its operations in Mexico. The company aims to bring the latest trends and strategies in PR to the Mexican market, with a focus on data-driven insights, communication, digital influencers, and the metaverse.

Working on brand reputation, crisis management, and data analysis from a PR2.0 perspective is a crucial business resource in public relations for 2023. Angélica López and Daniel Karam are in charge of IDEAL PR operations. Studies such as the “Public Relations Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030” project growth in the value of the global public relations market. WPP launches IDEAL PR operations in Mexico and sets an important precedent for communication as a business driver, as well as data analysis as a cornerstone for effective strategies.

In studies such as the “Public Relations Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030,” we can understand why the operation of strategic communication agencies in countries like Mexico is so important. Within these projections, it is predicted that the value of the public relations market will increase from $88 billion in 2020 to $129 billion in 2025.

“We expected the global public relations market to grow from $88 billion in 2020 to approximately $97 billion in 2021. According to the latest estimates, the industry will be worth over $129 billion in 2025,” warned J. G. Navarro, an advertising and marketing research expert in South America at Statista, when presenting the previous study exclusively to its subscribers.

IDEAL PR, an agency founded in Brazil in 2007 and later acquired by Hill and Knwolton Strategies (H+K), begins operations in Mexico with Daniel Karam as CEO of the agency and Angélica López as Senior Vice President. “We are very happy to have the leadership of Daniel Karam and Angélica López, who, in their time at Hill and Knwolton Strategies, achieved steady and surprisingly profitable growth, providing innovation and creativity to all their clients. I am sure that in this new phase, they will continue to build, add value, and offer a unique offer in the communication and PR market,” said Ricardo César, Global CEO of IDEAL PR.

Merca2.0 had an exclusive conversation with Daniel Karam, and in this interview, he reveals details about the importance of investing in PR2.0 from now on.

Merca2.0 – What is the business goal of IDEAL PR, and how does it come to Mexico?

Daniel Karam – This is a new agency from WPP, their public relations and strategic communication agency, expanding a brand that was born in Brazil. It was the first public relations agency focused on the digital world in Brazil. It had an important positioning, and now the bet is to expand the business model worldwide, starting with Mexico, the United States, and Europe.

The differentiator of this agency is that it is focused on companies and institutions that have digital innovation on their agenda as a guide to connect with their audiences, stakeholders, and achieve their business objectives to safeguard their reputation.

Today, the most important license for companies to guarantee their operation is a good reputation. It became clear to all of us, especially after events like the pandemic, that companies and institutions are obliged to have a closeness with their different audiences and stakeholders, from their employees, suppliers, customers, investors, the community in which they operate, government; they must have communication to understand perceptions, fears, and preferences, as well as the perception and relationship to have with those audiences.

Merca2.0 – What do you consider to be the novelties in PR2.0?

Daniel Karam – The main input for success is proper listening and the ability to exploit data to identify trends, learnings, and have a deep understanding of the conversation about companies and relevant actors. Based on that, the trends are oriented towards the metaverse, communication, and digital influencers.

We envision a moment when all companies will be oriented towards serving that sphere, because it is already the present in many spaces, and we see this in how consumers have changed the way they shop, make travel decisions, educate themselves, take care of their health, and those companies that are ahead in terms of proximity to consumer preferences will have a competitive advantage.

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