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Honey Vinaigrette recipe: Chipotle will disclose the secret recipe for its famous source to combat food insecurity

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If The Farmlink Project meets its objective of donating 20 million pounds of vegetables to food banks this winter, DiGiovanni will assist in disclosing the famous Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette recipe.

Honey Vinaigrette recipeWant to know Chipotle’s Honey Vinaigrette recipe? Here’s your chance.

On Wednesday, Chipotle welcomed their customers to donate to the RoundUp for Real Change initiative to help The Farmlink Project, a charity that sends vegetables to food banks that assist underserved communities.

You and other Chipotle Fans will soon, therefore, know the nine secret ingredients that make up its popular “Honey Vinaigrette” sauce. But there’s a catch — you will be required to first assist the company in hitting its goal of donating up to 20 million pounds of foodstuff to those in need this winter.


Chipotle’s partnership with The Famlink Project to distribute foodstuff

More than 34 million Americans, experience food insecurity, which is characterized by a lack of regular, dependable access to enough food for an active, and healthy life. The Farmlink Project will help distribute the foodstuffs received to the top 20 US cities with the worst food insecurity, including Augusta, Georgia, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Albuquerque, and New Mexico. 

Since Chipotle started assisting The Farmlink in 2020, more than 40 million pounds of produce have been donated. For instance, Chipotle assisted The Farmlink in presenting 185,000 pounds of food to Fort Myers, Florida, following Hurricane Ian.

According to Chris Brandt, chief marketing officer of Chipotle, the company is a clear restaurant leader in local sourcing. Last year alone, it managed to purchase over 35 million pounds of local vegetables.


This holiday season, the company has already committed to working with The Farmlink Project to deliver over 10 million pounds of vegetables to food banks throughout the US. However, the ultimate objective is to donate 20 million pounds of vegetables by the end of January 2023.

TikTok chef Nick DiGiovanni will share the chain’s Honey Vinaigrette recipe

The fast-food chain will share its vinaigrette recipe with the assistance of TikTok chef Nick DiGiovanni, who you may recognize as the youngest-ever finalist on “Master Chef” season 10. Additionally, he has around 20 million followers on social media. And he represents Farmlink.

According to the company, Chipotle’s vinaigrette alone also has a sizable following.

How can you participate?

If Chipotle customers’ contributions help hit the 20 million pound goal, the fast-food chain will reveal the recipe. 

Through January 31, you can round up your orders on the Chipotle app and to the nearest dollar amount. You can also donate Chipotle Rewards Points by choosing The Farmlink Project as the recipient. That will be equivalent to a 30-pound contribution of food.







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