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Happy Fourth of July: What’s Trending on Google in the United States?

Google Trends data reveals a diverse palette of preferences for Fourth of July salads, BBQ sauces, and hot dog styles across different states

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, stands as a pivotal celebration in the United States, commemorating the nation’s declaration of independence in 1776.

It is a day marked by patriotic displays, family gatherings, and an abundance of traditional American foods and festivities. As Americans prepare to celebrate, their online searches provide a fascinating glimpse into the country’s culinary preferences and party planning trends leading up to this festive day.

Culinary Trends Across the States

Google Trends data reveals a diverse palette of preferences for Fourth of July salads, BBQ sauces, and hot dog styles across different states.

For salads, pasta salad reigns supreme in many states, while others show a strong preference for Jello pretzel salad or cowboy caviar, reflecting a mix of traditional and unique tastes.

The BBQ sauce preferences are equally varied, with states like California and Texas searching for Japanese and Hawaiian BBQ sauce respectively, indicating a blend of traditional and global flavors.

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Hot dogs, a quintessential American treat, also show regional variations. New York favors the classic Coney Island hot dog, while states like Illinois and Arizona prefer the Chicago style and Sonoran hot dogs, demonstrating how local flavors shape traditional dishes.

Top Searches for Food and Drink Preparations

As the Fourth of July approaches, specific food-related searches spike. Instructions for making “red, white, and blue jello shots” have tripled, reflecting a festive approach to celebratory drinks. Similarly, queries on how to make grilled watermelon and watermelon salad see a seasonal increase, emphasizing the preference for refreshing summer fruits during the holiday.

Grilling Techniques and Fourth of July Cocktails

Google searches are not just limited to food items but also extend to cooking techniques and beverages.

Top searches on grilling techniques such as how to grill corn on the cob, salmon, chicken breast, asparagus, and burgers peak during this time, suggesting that grilling remains a central element of the Fourth of July celebrations. In terms of cocktails, the Bomb Pop cocktail and Sangria lead the trends, alongside other favorites like the Aviation cocktail, Margarita, and Aperol Spritz.

Activities and Apparel Trends

Beyond food, Americans are also searching for the best ways to celebrate, with water parks, fireworks, camping, movies, and zoo visits topping the list of activities.

The legality of fireworks, a common concern, shows heightened searches in states like Nebraska and Colorado. Moreover, searches for “red, white, and blue” apparel items like skorts, T-shirts, hats, heels, and summer dresses highlight the festive spirit and the desire to dress in patriotic colors.

The array of activities, foods, and apparel searched on Google ahead of the Fourth of July provides a colorful snapshot of how Americans celebrate their nation’s independence. Whether it’s through unique regional foods, festive drinks, or various outdoor activities, the spirit of the Fourth of July shines through, illustrating a nation united in celebration yet diverse in its expressions of joy.



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