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Why is the Customer Experience Model so important?

Staying focused on the needs and expectations of your customers is and has always been key on staying ahead of the game and specially your competition. The trick has always been to be visible 24/7, specially on today`s market standards.

This year’s and the one’s that follow, the  conversation will be headed on these three topics; Customer experience , effective communication and most importantly; complete satisfaction.

But why? the answer may be more simple than what most may think, it’s because of maintaining loyalty, and that is the one word most marketer’s should care about the most.

Traditional advertising and promoting are staying behind faster than ever. A digital experience give’s you a better leverage when engaging a customer.

But digital by itself cannot solve all problems ,since we all ready know that today’s customer is bombarded with tons of information and is more picky when choosing and of course buying.

Information has always been key, but what happens when you cannot cluster your data base enough, it then becomes a mayor problem, since a brand could be facing the dilema on having to develop a customer strategy based not on a specific group of individuals but on single individuals themselves, is it possible to have that many consumer strategies? probably not.

But, what is possible is to match certain behavior and tailor your efforts. The final baseline is called “customer experience”.

Blending your campaign, advertising and specially sales efforts with  your customer, instead of trying to interrupt to get his or her attention right away is more appreciated, remember that  customers get very annoyed if they are enjoying their favorite TV series on their phones to tablets and all of a sudden get interrupted to a sales ad from a brand, we then  face the challenge of ad blocking just for that one tiny interruption, right?

It may be true that having a low price strategy could help boom sales, but it does not necessarily mean better customer experience; product quality, post sale service and other factors should be taken more into consideration when planning a consumer experience model; Low pricing is just a quick fixer for any brand or product problem, not the complete solution.

Let’s face it, consumers add more value and increase their loyalty thanks to a great experience that any low price can, because in some cases this can only be a one time offer, but marketers should always look at the big picture or the long term solution. Implementing a customer based experience model is not for the short run as in most cases a pricing strategy could be.

Taking a deeper dive into browsing history, shopping experience and learning how to translate consumer insights into meaningful content for example using Big Data, is more than high recommended and of course valued.

Marketers should not waste any more time rethinking how virtual reality can improve their business as this technology is continuously  and rapidly evolving not only for the next generation of consumers but our very own, putting itself on the mainstream of things, therefore improving our consumers experience. This technology may have begun with the gaming industry, but nowadays it can be seen and applied in many other, such as automotive, housing and apparel just to name a few.

It’s no secret we all have witnessed the power of social media , but as marketers, we need to translate it`s  importance not only as a strategy but much more towards becoming a complete new channel with it’s own separate advertising or marketing budget, think about it, it makes all the sense in the world.

All brands and companies at some point will quickly learn that having a complete integrated customer experience will be essential, it’s everyday interaction with consumers will become a continuos path towards success and not a one time event, improving and helping understand the big dilema that an abandoned or empty shopping cart always presents.

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