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Cannes Lions 2024: These Are All the Grand Prix Winners

Cannes Lions 2024 Grand Prix

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024 has once again set the benchmark for excellence in advertising and marketing. This year’s Grand Prix winners have pushed the boundaries of creativity, demonstrating how brands can leverage innovative ideas to address social issues, transform businesses, and captivate audiences in unprecedented ways.

These are the Grand Prix winners:

Renault’s “Cars to Work”: Revolutionizing Access to Employment

Renault’s “Cars to Work” campaign, created by Publicis Conseil, Paris, clinched the Creative Commerce and Sustainable Development Goals Grand Prix. This groundbreaking initiative tackles a critical social issue by providing free car use to individuals living in areas with poor public transportation during their work probationary period. By addressing transportation barriers, Renault is actively contributing to improved employment opportunities and social mobility.

Vaseline’s “Transition Body Lotion”: Supporting the Transgender Community

The Glass: The Lion for Change Grand Prix was awarded to Vaseline for their “Transition Body Lotion” campaign by Ogilvy Singapore. This product, specifically formulated for transgender women experiencing skin challenges during hormone therapy, represents a significant step towards inclusivity in the beauty industry. Vaseline’s bold move not only supports the transgender community but also challenges traditional gender norms in advertising.

UN Women’s “Child Wedding Cards”: Highlighting a Global Issue

The Health Grand Prix for Good went to UN Women’s “Child Wedding Cards” campaign by Impact BBDO, Dubai. This powerful initiative sheds light on the global issue of child marriages, using a creative approach to raise awareness and drive action against this harmful practice.

Pop-Tarts’ “The First Edible Mascot”: Blending Entertainment and Product

Pop-Tarts secured the Brand Experience & Activation Grand Prix with “The First Edible Mascot” by Weber Shandwick, New York. This unique campaign blurred the lines between entertainment and product, creating a memorable brand experience that resonated with consumers.

DoorDash’s “All the Ads”: Redefining Super Bowl Advertising

The prestigious Dan Wieden Titanium Grand Prix was awarded to DoorDash for their “All the Ads” campaign by Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and Superette, San Francisco. This innovative approach challenged the perception of DoorDash as just a food delivery service by offering viewers a chance to win prizes from all brands advertising during the Super Bowl. The campaign’s success demonstrates the power of unconventional thinking in creating impactful brand moments.

Philips’ “Refurb”: Embracing Sustainability in Business Models

Philips won the Creative Business Transformation Grand Prix for their “Refurb” initiative by LePub, Amsterdam. This campaign showcases how creativity can drive meaningful change in business practices, promoting sustainability and circular economy principles.

JCDecaux’s “Meet Marina Prieto”: Innovating in B2B Marketing

The Creative B2B Grand Prix was awarded to JCDecaux for “Meet Marina Prieto” by David, Madrid. This campaign demonstrates how creativity can enhance B2B marketing strategies, creating engaging and memorable experiences for business clients.

Specsavers’ “The Misheard Version”: Reimagining Audio Advertising

Specsavers claimed the Audio & Radio and PR Grand Prix with “The Misheard Version” by Golin, London. This campaign showcases the continued relevance and creative potential of traditional media channels when approached with innovative thinking.

Specsavers’ innovative audiology campaign, featuring a reimagined rendition of Rick Astley’s classic hit, has taken a bold step forward in raising awareness about hearing loss. Building on the success of their Misheard Version released in late 2023, wherein Astley playfully sang intentionally incorrect lyrics, the eyewear company has now expanded its reach with a disruptive radio advertisement.

Orange’s “Women’s Football”

The Entertainment Lions for Sport Grand Prix was for Orange’s “Women’s Football” by Marcel, Paris. This campaign demonstrates the enduring power of film in creating emotionally resonant and impactful advertising.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s “The 100th Edition”: Craftsmanship in Print

The Industry Craft Grand Prix was awarded to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for “The 100th Edition” by Scholz & Friends, Berlin. This win highlights the continued importance of exceptional craftsmanship in print media, even in an increasingly digital world.

Mastercard’s “Room for Everyone”: Leveraging Data for Social Impact

Mastercard secured the Creative Data Grand Prix with “Room for Everyone” by McCann Poland. This campaign demonstrates how data can be creatively used to address social issues and create meaningful impact.

Hornbach’s The Square Meter campaign for Film Craft

This campaign created by Heimat \ TBWA, Berlin for Hornbach was the Film Craft Grand Prix winner.

XBOX’s Multiprized Campaign

XBOX’s The Everyday Tactician campaign created by McCann, London, won Grand Prix Lions in Direct and Entertainment Lions for Gaming.

Health & Wellness for Dramamine

FCB Chicago was in charge of the creation of The Last Barf Bag, a campaign for Dramamine that won the Gran Prix Lion in the category Health & Wellness.

Magnum Ice Cream and Pedigree took the rooar

Lola MullenLowe, Madrid created Find Your Summer, an spectacular campaign for Magnum Ice Cream that took the Grand Prix Lion in the category Outdoor.

Colenso BBDO, Auckland created the campaign Adoptable for Pedigree that share with Magnum the Outdoor Grand Prix.

Magnetic Stories won the Pharma Grand Prix

Area 23 crated Magnetic Stories for Siemens Healthineers and took the Grand Prix for Pharma.

Loewe won in Luxury & Lifestyle

In a campaign created by Loewe, Madrid, the brand rooars and won the Grand Prix in Luxury & Lifestyle:

KVI Brave Fund Inc. can save lifes

Klick Health, Toronto, created for KVI Brave Fund Inc., Voice2Diabetes, an algorythm using AI that can detect diabetes type 2 with the voice. This campaign won the Innovation Grand Prix Lion.

Creative Strategy for KPN

The agency Dentsu Creative, Amsterdam, created Piece of Me, an emotive campaign that won the Grand Prix in the category Creative Strategy.

It Has to be Heinz

Rethink, Toronto, created It Has to be Heinz, a campaign for Heinz Ketchup that won the Grand Prix Lion in Creative Effectiveness.

It Has to be Coke for a Grand Prix

Ogilvy, New York, created a pice of art with Recycle Me for Coca-Cola and won the Grand Prix in Print & Publishing.

Design Grand Prix is for Latin America

Circus Grey, Lima, created Sightwalks for Cemento Sol a Peruan company that won the Grand Prix in the category Design.

EXCELsious Grand Prix Winners

FCB, New York, along with Spotify created Spreadbeats, the first music video animated in Microsoft’s Excel. They won the Digital Craft Grand Prix.

WhatsApp won a Gand Prix

Creative X, Palo Alto & Modern Arts, Los Angeles, created We Are Ayenda with WhatsApp, a true story about Afghanistan Youth Women’s National Football Team. This campaign won the Grand Prix in the category Entertainment.

Errata at 88

AlmapBBDO, Sao Paulo along with Diageo’s Johnnie Walker created Errata at 88 that won a Grand Prix in the category Entertainment Lions for Music.

Mercado Libre won in Media

Gut, Sao Paulo, created Handshake Hunt for Mercado Libre and won the Grand Prix in Media.

Humor took the Grand Prix in Cannes Lions 2024

Ogilvy PR, New York, created an humoristic, but clever campaign for Cerave called Michael Cerave, and they won the Grand Prix in the category Social & Influencer.


The Cannes Lions 2024 Grand Prix winners represent a diverse range of creative approaches, from leveraging technology and data to reimagining traditional media. These campaigns showcase how advertising can drive social change, transform businesses, and create memorable brand experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, these award-winning campaigns serve as inspiration for marketers and creatives worldwide, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising and communication.

By embracing innovation, addressing social issues, and thinking outside the box, brands can create campaigns that not only capture attention but also make a lasting impact on society. The Cannes Lions 2024 winners prove that creativity in advertising is more powerful and relevant than ever, capable of driving real change and redefining industry standards.

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