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Adidas is Committed to Inspiring Women in Sports and Beyond

Adidas Inspiring Women


Adidas Inspiring Women
Adidas Inspiring Women

Adidas has announced its biggest ever commitment to women to back its Impossible is Nothing Campaign. The campaign focuses on inspiring women who are breaking barriers in sports and other spaces. 


The sports company has always produced, sold, and marketed its brands to all demographics. Recently, it adopted the culture of “selling dreams and aspirations,” according to the company’s global head of marketing Vicky Free. Her role has also seen her and the company establish and promote such initiatives as I’mpossible and the ‘Liquid Billboard‘ campaigns that target women. 


The company plans to utilize data, culture, and the community to get the most out of its marketing strategies targeting established and emerging athletes. This new commitment is based on three pillars.


  • Product
  • People
  • Programs


Adidas has unveiled ways of understanding and using blind spots for optimum customer satisfaction. This article explains everything you need to know about the sports company’s commitment to women as valuable clients. 

Addidas Initiatives To Inspiring Women

Adidas launched the Ultraboost campaign late last year to boost women’s awareness of sports. Ultraboost focused on the women’s height, heels, and gait anatomy in sportswear.


The brand has now promised to appreciate sportswomen sponsorship beneficiaries in unique ways. In addition, Adidas will commit resources and support grassroots and emerging athletes, coaches, and clubs. To begin with, Adidas will establish the Breaking Barriers Academy in Europe. 


The company also plans to celebrate its athlete partners in significant sports moments and expand its sponsorship of major leagues and tournaments, including UEFA Women’s Champions League and Women Euro 22.


It plans to inspire women through the launch of a film series I’mPossible to share stories of women who have made their impossible possible.


Other support initiatives include the extended partnership and support for the Black Women’s Player Collective and Common Goal. Adidas has also pledged to support the next generation of women and girls.


Adidas Research and Campaigns Targeting Women

Vicky Free has shared her belief and understanding of targeted marketing to avoid accusations of bias. “Name a brand that doesn’t want to win with women,” Free said. “Winning with women is not to the exclusion of men. It’s about understanding their unique needs.” 


Adidas conducts comprehensive market research and gets data traditionally and using listening tools. That’s how the company discovered how brilliant sportswomen dropped their interest in sports during their teenage periods. The primary causes were menstruation and deterrent social pressure. 


Upon researching how the female body affects the choice of women’s sportswear, Adidas discovered what is today the brand’s most valuable information; women have diverse bodies. For example, the size and shape of their breasts differ. The research, therefore, firmly focused on sports bras to pioneer innovation and product-specific designs. Adidas has developed more than 40 bra styles in a campaign to appreciate and target women in sports. 


The company filled its social media platforms with the Support is Everything campaigns. It further showcased how an inappropriate and undersized bra can leave ugly marks on a woman’s body. The campaign’s climax was attained when a total of 20,000 retail staff underwent training to help them assist women in picking the best bra choice. 

Credible Brand Building for Significant Long-Term Impact on Women

Adidas Inspiring Women
Adidas Inspiring Women

Adidas’ global head of marketing, Vicky Free,  is a great renowned marketer. Through her unmatched experience with different big brands, she has seen Adidas win women’s hearts and boost the brand. She insists and believes in optimum product delivery, reliable ads metrics, and relevant KPIs rather than focusing on producing high-quality ads that may fail to sell. 


According to her, authenticity is paramount, provided the company uses data to learn what happens and refer to insights to know what’s possible. Adidas’s recent Cannes Grand Pix scoop attributes the achievement to the ” Liquid Billboard”. It’s a campaign that encourages women to swim in public shamelessly. 


The I’mpossible campaign saw Adidas gain massive traction and engagement on digital and social media. As a result, the company sold a lot of bras to its target customers and raised its ROI to an increased operating profit of 166.3 % in the year 2021

Final Thoughts

Adidas works on data and insights to produce authentic brands aiming at the underrepresented target group, the women. It has established campaigns and programs that give women, especially those in sports, a sense of belonging and self-esteem. Through these practices, the brand earns a lot of profits while giving a call to action to women to level up and believe in themselves. 

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